Your age is just a number when it comes to business

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After a little fun attempting to impersonate David Lee Roth, the trio begin a serious discussion about age when it comes to business. People tend to pre-judge the abilities of others based on their age — regardless of which end of the spectrum that lies. Often, we lose out on a great relationship, asset or other benefit by being too judgmental.

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Age Is Only a Number

  • When we look at someone as being “too young,” we discount their abilities or education, and often lose out on someone who can show us more efficient ways of doing business, or miss market share.
  • When we look at someone’s age as being “too old,” we can miss out on the value that their experience brings to the table. Often, they have dealt with similar situations, and can offer keen insight.
  • Regardless of the age, there are benefits to our businesses, if we are willing to look for them.

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