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Toxic Employee Types: There are 5

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Toxic Employee clipDo you have a toxic employee? Can you find them in your organization?

Mollie kicks off this post-Thanksgiving edition of the BIZ. Podcast with much “X-Mas” spirit. All is going well until Sean brings forth the subject toxic employees, bosses, managers, vendors, etc. (not to be confused with the Britney Spears song).

According to an infographic from, there are five types of toxic employees. This episode tackles the first two at length.

The complete list can be found in this infographic.

 Toxic Employee Type #1: The Hot Mess

Incompetent, erratic or unreliable. Mollie says “GTFO.” Learned helplessness is a pet peeve that brings production to a halt, and erodes morale. Disorganization is also a familiar trait of the “hot mess.”

With the ability to destroy company culture, along with breeding animosity throughout the organization, the “hot mess” is a company killer.

While potential antidotes are shared, the consensus is separation is the best fix.

Toxic Employee Type #2: The Slacker

Some of the traits of the slacker are: low motivation, lack of regard of deadlines, bad timekeeping, etc.

Sean takes issues with the notion that all slackers are bad. While he admits he slacks from time to time, he makes up for it, by working longer and makes sure he hits his deadlines and goals.

Leaders who do not address the toxic employees in their businesses will eventually find themselves out of business. Even non-confrontational leader must deal swiftly with the toxic employee in order to preserve the integrity of the organization.

In addition, the hiring process should be a vetting place to identify and disqualify the toxic employee — when possible.

Types 3 through 5 will be covered next week.