Toxic Employee Types: Part Deaux

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Toxic Employee clipDo you have a toxic employee? If we didn’t find them in last week’s episode, then you are still in luck. We tackle three more this week.

The discussion continues around the infographic from Three more toxic employees are broken down, and while not as comical as most BIZ Tools Podcasts, the conclusions are invaluable.

Everyone has a story (or more) about a toxic employee. David, Sean and Mollie shares theirs, and the lessons learned.

To recap, the first two types of toxic employees are: The Hot Mess and The Slacker.

The complete list can be found in this infographic.

Toxic Employee Type #3: The Martyr

Sean really has a problem with this type of toxic employee. This person is the polar opposite of the slacker. However, the increase in perceived productivity comes with its own set of problems.

This person not just works hard, but has to let EVERYONE know how much he or she is sacrificing — screams ensue.

Traits: Doesn’t know limits; complains often, comes to work when sick and infects everyone else; undermines the confidence of team members; prone to burnout.

michaescottToxic Employee Type #4: The Socialite

There is a difference between being social, and being a socialite. Sean says Michael Scott on The Office epitomizes this employee type. No one has the time for this guy.

Traits: Loud and distracting; lack of focus; immature approach to work; unprofessional affect; fans office drama.

Toxic Employee Type #5: The Sociopath

Mollie has worked with this type of toxic employee. She worked for bosses who do this.

These toxic employees can tank a team quickly. David shares a personal instance where he witnessed this taking place, and the damage that ensued.

Traits: Bullying behavior; disregard for protocol; issues with authority; interpersonal problems; manipulation and sabotage.

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