No Degree

No Degree Is No Excuse

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No degree seems to be an often-lamented issue among jobseekers. While a college degree can get you in the door when looking for certain jobs, it is not the only factor to vocational success. That is not to say that education is not important. In fact, the opposite is more true now than ever.

Degrees Are Not The Only Answer

Earning a degree is quite an accomplishment, but education does not end there. In fact, many degrees are good for a finite amount of time. Sean shares his experience with his degree, but how his role changed over the years — which was not covered by his degree.

No Degree Needed

David, Sean and Mollie review and reflect on some of The 13 best jobs in 2016 for people who don’t have a college degree as listed in Business Insider Magazine.

If you don’t have a degree, don’t sweat it. There is plenty out there for you to do. Just find your passion, get educated and turn it into a career.


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