Every Salesman

Every Salesman Pays A Visit

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There is a guy who epitomizes what is wrong with the sales business. His name is “Every Salesman.” In today’s episode, Every salesman stops by to discuss the business of sales and what he does to “keep things in the pipeline.”

Every Salesman on Sales

“I’m here to help you. Sales is just like what I do. I really want to help people. We have some really good stuff in the pipeline.”

Every Salesman on the Elevator Pitch

“It is really hard to condense it down. We have so many really good things happening. I’m just excited. I just really like to get them in the corner where they can’t get away.”

Every Salesman on the Sales Process

“I really don’t want to give the magic away. But I always shake their hands, look them in the eye and take about 15 minutes to ask them about the wife and kids.”


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