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Tribes: They want you to lead them

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Seth Godin wrote the book, “Tribes,” and hosted a Ted Talk on the same subject. In it, he puts forth the notion that mass marketing is dead — that producing mediocre products for the masses was rapidly being replaced with “interesting” products for a few. However, what does this mean to the small business owner and/or entrepreneur? We are so glad you asked.

David, Sean and Mollie dive into the subject — OK, David and Mollie dive in. Sean just sits there — at least for a little while.

Identifying Your Tribes

David shares an example of a tribe: Animal lovers. Much cooing ensues. Mollie shares how she leverages her tribes for referrals. But recognizing your tribe is not enough. Leading the tribe is where true change and success takes place.

“Niching” down one’s tribe brings about innovation and makes the world more interesting.

Beware: Corporate phrases continue…