Corporate Phrases That Kill Kittens

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Some corporate phrases need to be retired. Thanks to a article Mollie shared from Business Insider, the trio has a little fun, and a lot of commentary about 20 of the “worst offenders.”) After all, can’t we just say what we mean without all the cliche’s?

David, Sean and Mollie also admit to using some of these far too frequently, raising the ire of the other hosts.

So grab a Monster Drink and a Thesaurus. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Corporate Phrases’ Offenders

Here are the 20 phrases discussed:

1. Synergy
2. Outside the box
3. Vendor
4. Move the needle
5. Low-hanging fruit
6. I don’t have the bandwidth
7. Peel back the onion
8. Circle back
9. Touching base
10. Run it up the flagpole
11. FYI
12. On my radar screen
13. Value add
14. Growth hacking
15. Onboarding
16. Take it offline
17. Out of pocket
18. Boil the oceans
19. Right-size
20. Core competencies