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Bitch Tools Podcast: Thanksgiving Edition

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Happy Thanksgiving. Or is it? Put that turkey down! David, Sean and Mollie are irritated by clients who leave without saying “goodbye.” What do you do when you lose work? And how do you protect yourself from letting it happen.

Thanksgiving Anger #1 & #2

When you lose business, it is easy to get angry at the client for not calling or giving you the opportunity for the business. Clients are often “Secretive” when they leave for one reason or another. However, as Mollie says, Then you get angry at yourself and look at what could have been done to prevent the loss. It can cause self-doubt.

Thanksgiving Anger story from David

David tells the story of an advertisers who only run once a year and then when you hit them up for the regularly scheduled business, they go a different way. Whether marketing has been giving to another person to handle, or if someone else “got there first,” it is quite a blow to the business.

Coming full circle

Even though it sucks, David, Sean and Mollie share steps that can be taken to alleviate these angry situations and that appreciation is often the first step to prevention. Finding out the real objection (quality of work, price, etc.) is often difficult, but is essential to foster the relationship and prevent the “Dear John,” scenario. Mollie says you have to be willing to take your lumps and make it right.

David says, “You have to enjoy the process, because it is never going to end.”

“We’re really bitching about ourselves,” Mollie.