BIZ. Tools 56: Shining the Light of Marketing [Podcast]

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webproof_BIZ1820Is there truth in advertising? What can marketing do for me? Questions like these come up often in the business world. Whether you are B2B or B2C, marketing plays a role in your day to day life.

Dave and Sean explain what marketing is, and the mistakes many companies make in their marketing in today’s episode. They even take aim at some companies who spent a premium on getting their message out during “The Big Game.”

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imgresFollowing a “senior moment,” Dave professes his love (again) for Google’s GMail. With it’s Spam filtering and easy access across platforms, GMail has become the “go to” email app for Dave and Sean. In addition, GMail allows for access to Google Voice, a VOIP (Voice over IP) telephone service.

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