BIZ. Tools: Business Image Matters [Podcast]

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Does your business have a personality? Should it? In today’s world of social media and consumer engagement, the answer should be a resounding “Yes!” Gone are the days where a business can merely find a location, join the local chamber of commerce and open its doors. Today’s consumer (and B2B client) wants to know more about the business they may or may not engage.

Today’s business needs to be intentional about its image. In today’s podcast, commercial photographer Mollie Corbett breaks down the benefits of a strong business image. She shares some of the key aspect of image, including a reflection of core values and personality.

Mollie is a lively and informed guest, bringing her years of expertise in the world of photography and business to the table. Not only is the discussion timely, but entertaining as well. This podcast will truly inspire any business leader to be more intentional about their image.

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